That Pastor’s Wife

Are you a woman in ministry just trying to figure life out? Me too!

When my husband became “The Pastor” of our church, my friends started introducing me as “This is Kayla. She’s my pastor’s wife.”

The Kauffman Family Easter 2019

It was weird.

I wasn’t just a ‘friend’ anymore. But I’m learning to embrace this crazy role in the midst of homeschooling, fostering, and now overseeing the women’s ministry in our church (while still trying to keep up with other ministries I’m already involved in!)

This blog is dedicated to encouraging women in their faith, families, and life! It takes a village and a tribe to stay focused, motivated, and purposeful in this fast paced world! This is why I’m choosing to Live Life on Purpose!

If you need prayer, encouragement, or help planning a ministry event CONTACT ME! I’d love to hear from you. Let’s do life together!