Live Life on Purpose

It’s the age old question, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?”

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. — Friedrich Nietsche

I can tell you the ‘right’ answer. The chief purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. But what happens when you’re not enjoying life? What happens when you find yourself coasting through the day to day?

As I’ve been struggling with this in my own life I decided I needed to go on a quest. A quest to redefine my purpose – find my ‘why’ – and live life according to God’s plan, not my own. This is not an easy task – I am a bit of a control freak and I like to have everything planned out. I like to calculate my time and carefully plan out the details of my life. But what I’m doing isn’t working.

This is why I have decided to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE.

Live Life On Purpose

What does this mean? I’m figuring this out myself, but I can tell you that we are all called to something. Amos was one of the minor prophets in the Bible. He was given the terrible task of proclaiming death and destruction to the Israelite nation. In fact my Bible labels some of the headings for the different chapters in Amos as, “Woe to Those,” “The Coming Day of Bitter Mourning,” and “The Destruction of Israel.”

But, Amos was called. He had a task that God wanted him to complete. He did not ask for it. In fact it says in Amos 7: 14-15,

“I was no prophet, nor a prophet’s son, but I was a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore figs. But the Lord took me from following the flock, and the Lord said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel.'”

Are you stuck following the flock, but you know God is calling you to something more? Maybe it’s a business idea that you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s learning a new skill that you don’t think you have time for. Maybe it’s stepping out in faith and asking for that promotion, or finally taking that vacation. Maybe it’s getting your finances in order or learning how to speak a second language . Maybe it’s learning how to be a better wife, mother, neighbor, or friend. Maybe it’s training and running that half marathon that’s been on your bucket list for years now.

God calls all of us. And most of the time, it’s the God given passions that He is calling us to. You might not be called to reign down words of woe and destruction like Amos – maybe you’re called to be an encourager and uplifter in your community. Maybe you’re like me and you’re not really sure what God is calling you to.

Find Your Purpose

Some things to consider:

1) What are you passionate about?

2) What are you good at?

Notice, I did not say “What are you perfect at?” Most of the time, our purpose can be found at the intersection of our passions and our talents.

Think about what comes effortlessly to you and what you are willing to devote your time and energy to. And Pray. Ask God to show you the purpose He has placed on your life and then to open doors and opportunities to fulfill the desires He has already placed on your heart.

What are your goals? What are those dreams that you just can’t seem to let go? What brings you joy? That’s where you start. And then, you try on different things to see what fits. Will you get it right the first time? No. Will you fail? Probably. But when you keep going and finally find what fits – will it be worth it? ABSOLUTLEY!

Whatever you decide to do – do it with a passion, a purpose. Live Life on Purpose!

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