7 Things the Church Should Pray For Every Day

There are so many things we should pray for each day. There are even more things we should be thankful for each day. However, each of us has our own problems and personal struggles. I want to submit to you today that there are areas that affect each of our lives, as Christians, that are under attack in our own communities. This is by no means a comprehensive or exclusive list. But it’s a good start. Here are 7 things we, as the Church, should pray for everyday.

1. Marriages

Marriages in America have a divorce rate of 40-50%. This is an alarming rate considering the divorce rate among Christians is statistically about the same. They say the divorce rate is actually dropping, however, that is is not because marriages are getting better, it’s because more people are choosing cohabitation instead of marriage.

Marriages are under attack. As Christians, we have standards as husbands and wives laid down by God. Marriage is also hard. Pray for your own marriage as well as those of your friends an family members. Most of us know all to well the effects of a painful divorce, either by experience or by knowing someone it has influenced.

2. Families

Families are falling apart all around us. If you don’t believe me, head to your local grocery store and simply people watch for a day. Kids are screaming at their parents, parents are screaming at the their kids, and families are simply broken.

We work with kids who come from broken families. We have seen first hand the effects of abuse and neglect in our own children, both adopted and foster. Just because we have opened our home to a child in need doesn’t mean the consequences of their past just disappear. Pray for the families of your local church and within your community.

3. Abortion

We recently had the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. It is estimated that 3,000 abortions happen daily. As a church, we need to respond with love – not judgement. We don’t simply need to preach against abortion, but we need to help those involved in a crisis pregnancy.

4. Singles within the Church and their purity

I don’t want to under estimate the challenges our singles community faces. Some people choose to be single. Some people want to find a husband or wife. Either way, we should pray for our single friends. For their purity. For their heart’s desire to find someone. For their faith to be strengthened as they face their everyday battles.

5. Leadership within the Church and the absence of Spiritual Abuse

It is hard to be a leader of a church. The weight bears much responsibility and only by the grace of God can it be done well. The Bible warns our leaders that they should not lead others astray. For if they do, it would be better for a millstone to be tied around their neck and they can die in the sea. That’s a scary thought.

Pray for the leaders in the church to remain humble to God’s heart, strengthened by God’s grace, and abundant in God’s mercies. When leaders fall, they fall heard. Even Moses, after everything he accomplished, was not able to enter the promise land for failing to follow God’s instructions. The people had conditionally disobeyed God and they were allowed to enter.

Being a leader is hard. Pray for your leaders.

6. Volunteers and workers that make the church run, but may go unseen

It takes a lot for a church to function. Pray for those who volunteer their time – teaching our children, giving rides to their neighbors, taking out the trash, cleaning up the empty coffee cups people didn’t throw away from Sunday’s service (or worst, the Kleenexes left on the seats!)

Make sure to recognize and pray for those whose jobs are not from the pulpit or paid staff.

7. Missionaries

Last, but certainty not least, pray for those who have left their homes, their extended families, and even their country to take the Gospel to every nation. We need these dedicated people to be strengthened in order to carry out the task God has laid on their lives. It’s not necessarily a glorious tasks. Many missionaries choose to live in poverty ridden countries and in unknown cultures just for the hopes of saving at least one person. Some missionaries might never see the impact of their work this side of heaven.

Pray for our missionaries.

Of course there are many other things we can pray for daily. The church is constantly under attack. But, if we come together to pray for these things daily, then think about the difference we can make in our homes, in our communities, and in our world.

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