About Me

In 2019, my husband stepped into a full time lead pastor position at our church. We have been attending and involved in our church for almost 9 years.

My husband has been on staff for 5 of those years. First, he stepped on as children’s pastor working bivocationaly part time as a public school teacher. Then, he spent 2 years full time as an associate pastor, and now lead pastor.

Even though he had been a ‘pastor’ for almost 5 year, it wasn’t until he stepped into this new position that people first started referring to me as ‘The Pastor’s Wife.”

We currently have 6 children and life is beautifully  busy! This blog is dedicated to fulfill some of my passions including teaching others how to live life full of God, His Word, Grace based and Biblical Parenting techniques, and simply how to do life in this crazy, busy world!

I invite you to come with me on this journey – Let’s do life together!